C#/.Net Trainings for Career Growth

Prepare for interview or for your self growth with nominal fees. Course fee charged are minimal compared to value you will get out of it. The course will ensure you learn the technology in depth to allow you to use in your project. Examples and hands on will be based on practical use cases used in the typical IT projects.

  1. C# and .Net Core (.Net 6+) 20-25 sessions with hands-on. [Course Fee : Rs 11,000]

Will help to write better code and crack any C# interview. By the end of the course you will be able to write better code using advanced concepts like Dependency Injection, Generics, LINQ, Extension methods, Delegates,Unit Test and Mocking etc.

[This course will help you to crack any C# interview (without involving DSA) with ease]

2. Super Advanced C# and .Net course with hands-on [Course Fee : Rs 16,000]

Understand to debug code for better performance, use profiler, understand memory management, write code using Delegates, Extension methods, Generics. Understand and know how to use the important Design patterns. Write Unit Tests with mocking.

Learn Important GoF Design Patterns (with practical examples)

[Add the end of this course, you should be able to crack any C# Advanced interview with ease]

3. C# crash course for immediate interview (1 on 1 session 2-3 hours of preparatory course)[Course Fee : Rs 3,000]

[Evaluation of knowledge gap and preparation for urgent interview.]

4. Microsoft Tech Stack (C#,Azure, Microservices (Cloud Native Dev) career guidance and interview preparation tips by expert in the domain (1 on 1 session 1 hours )[Course Fee : Rs 1,000]

5. Preparation for Manager . Covers Technical ,Process and Tools training. [Course Fee : Rs 20,000]

Please connect with eazyreads1@gmail.com for registration and enquiry about the course. Classes will be conducted by professional with around 20 years of development experience in the industry.