How to get job offers within 30 days: A checklist and action based approach

This blog isn’t your typical source of generic tips for acing interviews. As you navigate through each action item, you’ll realize that every step brings you closer to the job you’ve always aspired to secure.

While it’s impossible to guarantee a job offer, I can assure you that the probability of landing a job can be increased to over 90% by diligently following these steps. I’m confident you’ll agree after reading through the articles from top to bottom. Take a moment to plan the action items, bookmark this article, and revisit to review these points. Additional actionable items will be incorporated based on feedback and the experiences of candidates like you.

This method operates on a point system. The closer you get to 60 points, the higher the likelihood of you getting the job offer that I promised you.

Get Ready mentally

  1. Are you determined to get the job offer. First and foremost, you need to be clear on following questions. Take your time, think and articulate your answer somewhere on paper or favorite editor.[3 Points]
    • Why do you want to change your current job?
    • What is your motivation behind job change?
    • Which ONE role are you targeting?
  2. Review job postings on LinkedIn or other websites and take note of the key skills that companies are seeking for the specific role you are applying for. [3 Points]
  3. Stay away from distractions like social media like What’s App, Facebook etc. I am sure you can give this small sacrifice for a greater purpose in your life. [3 points]

Clarity of purpose is the prelude to the achievement of any worthwhile goal.” – Earl Nightingale

When your why is clear, the how becomes easy.”

Update your resume and apply for Jobs

  1. Have you updated your resume recently? Review and update your resume ASAP. Keep the resume to the point, no grammatical errors, no unnecessary details. Review it multiple times every week and add/update with key skills and other important points. Mention only those skills that you are confident of, do not mention unnecessary skills that doesn’t add anything to your resume. [5 Points]
  2. Apply Jobs daily (Indeed, LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster etc). Target 10-15 companies on an average daily. Update your profile daily on Job Sites. [5 Points]
  3. Send your resumes to friends with Job Id who can refer you in their organizations. [3 points]
  4. Find the Job ID, ask employees from than company in LinkedIn to refer you against that job Id [3 points]

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

Start by evaluating yourself

  1. Note down 5-8 important skill sets that you think are required to clear the interview. e.g. C#, Azure, Angular, WebApi, SQL. Remember we are not talking about technical skills only. It can be other skills like communication skills as well. [3 points]
  2. Rate yourself on different skill set out of 10. Remember you don’t have to be good in all of the tech stack. Your goal is 8 out of 10 in 70% of total skill set. If you have selected 5 skills, it means you should be very good in at least 3 skills. For rest target to score 6. atleast [2 points]
  3. Take Mock interview of yourself or with help your close friend, if possible. Find 5 interview questions on each topic and record your response to start with. Listen to your response. Check if your rating given in previous step matches with your interview performance. [5 points]

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

Preparing for Interview

1. Do you know that you already close to 30% of your interview questions that you know will be asked in 80% of your interviews. Prepare well for them and increase your chance by 30-50% to clear the interview. Remember Job start well start is half the job done. For example:

  1. Can you provide an overview of your current role and responsibilities in your current position? or similar questions related to your introduction.
  2. Can you explain me your current project architecture?
  3. Describe a challenging situation you encountered in your current role and how you handled it

Note down those questions and try to answer them , record your answer. [5 Points]

2. Read, check on ChatGPT or some other site, Improve your answers of all the questions you have identified in point 1. Try to answer them again , record and then listen to your answer. Do this until you are satisfied of your answer. It is very hard to clear the interview if you can’t explain your work or project architecture. I can’t stress enough the importance of answering these questions well . First 20 minutes are very critical. If you go pass 20 minutes confidently , your chance of clearing the interview shots up by 50%. [10 points]

3. Listen to your answer as interviewer and try to note down some follow up questions. Remember 30% of next questions stems out of your response of your initial response. For example , if you say I am using Blob Storage for storing files and Azure Service Bus , a good interviewer will definitely ask you questions related to these topics. Do not talk about any skills if you are not confident of. [5 Points]

4. If you have mentioned any technical skill in your resume (to get better offers), that you do not have hands-on experience in do not limit yourself to just going through interview questions. Relying solely on memorized answers carries the risk of exposing your lack of familiarity with the subject to the interviewer.

Do not waste any more time reading random set of questions, start by creating a sample project from scratch. Think of any use case in your mind and start writing the code around that, for example develop a online application that can help you log your daily work, you can use React/Angular to develop the UI, C# or Java backend, EF for database query, Storage to store your files. If you want to learn Service Bus, publish a message from your backend service and create a handler to listen to your message. Start with thin slice first , creating a application with minimum functionality.

Store your project repository on free cloud version source control like GitHub. Add more functionality as you get time. Nothing can beat this and stop you from mastering the topic. Remember, you’re just 7 days away from acquiring proficiency in a new technology. All it takes is willpower and hard work. Numerous online resources and ChatGPT are available to assist you in your programming journey. I am sure the time you have spent going through interview questions and answers could have been used to learn the technology itself.

Do not ever come up with excuse that you didn’t get chance to work on any particular skills in your project. It won’t help you.

As the days pass by you will start getting more and more confident. [20 points]

There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas Edison

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” – Colin Powell

During your Interview

1. Some things are beyond your control during interviews, but there are lot of things that completely depends on you and doesn’t require lot from you. During interviews, sound confident (without sounding overconfident), show positive attitude, do not give up easily and try to answer questions patiently , sound modest , give respect to interviewer(very important), politely tell if you differ from interviewer. [ 3 points]

2. Avoid discussing red flag topics such as the importance of work-life balance, speaking negatively about your current company or management, displaying overconfidence, and mentioning compensation or multiple job offers during your initial rounds. Remember that salary is not determined by the technical panel, so it’s best not to dwell on it. You can always engage in discussions and negotiations with HR after successfully clearing all the interview rounds.[3 points]

3.Even if you think you have not done well, try to ask good question to the interviewer when he provides you an opportunity. Most of the 50-50 candidate’s selection hinges on that answer. [2 points]

Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue.” – Joseph Addison

An open mind is not an empty one.”

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