9-Box Grid/ Performance-Potential Grid

  • As a Manager, it is important that we continually assess the performance of the employees, recognize who need nurturing and training to become top performers and make other informed decisions considering their potential and performance.

The 9-Box Grid, also known as the Performance-Potential Grid, is a management tool used for talent assessment succession planning which provides a visual representation of employees’ performance and potential.

The grid consists of a 3×3 matrix, where the x-axis represents “Performance” and the y-axis represents “Potential.” Each employee is plotted on the grid based on their performance rating and their potential for future growth and advancement within the organization.

The 9-Box Grid is divided into nine cells, which are typically labeled as follows:

The 9-Box Grid helps organizations identify individuals with 

  • high potential for leadership and critical roles 
  • plan targeted development efforts to nurture and retain top talent. 
  • It can also guide decisions regarding promotions, talent acquisition, and succession planning strategies.
Please comment in the comment section and let us know the other benefits of the 9 Box grid or other strategies that you use for employee performance evaluation.

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