Useful Phrases/Idioms for office communication

Opening the Meeting:

Let’s get started.

Welcome, everyone.

I’d like to call this meeting to order.

Thank you all for being here.

I think all have joined, let’s start.

I believe everyone has joined; we can now commence.

It looks like everyone is here;shall we begin?”

I think we have a full attendance; let’s get started.

Let’s kick off the meeting.

Setting the Agenda:

First on the agenda is…

We have a few items to cover today.

Let’s go through the agenda.

Reviewing Action Items:

Before we begin, let’s review the action items from the last meeting.

Any updates on the action items?

Did everyone have a chance to review the minutes?

Introducing Topics:

Let’s move on to the next point on the agenda.

I’d like to open the floor for discussion on…

The next item for consideration is…

Encouraging Participation:

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

We value your input, so please feel free to share your perspective.

Any comments or questions at this point?


Managing Time:

Let’s keep this discussion to the allotted time.

We have about 10 minutes left, so let’s wrap up this topic.

We’ll need to table this for now and revisit it in the next meeting.

Summarizing Points:

To summarize, we’ve discussed…

In essence, the key takeaway is…

Let’s recap what we’ve covered so far.

Making Decisions:

Can we come to a consensus on this issue?

It seems like we’re in agreement; shall we move forward?

I propose that we decide on…

Assigning Tasks:

We need someone to take the lead on this. Any volunteers?

I’ll assign the action items and circulate them after the meeting.

Each team member is responsible for…

Closing the Meeting:

Thank you all for your contributions. We can conclude the meeting.Our next meeting is scheduled for [date].

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly recap the main takeaways from our discussion.

It’s time, let’s wrap this meeting up.

I think we are done, let’s wrap up this meeting.

If there are no further comments or questions, I’ll bring this meeting to a close.

I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting scheduled for [date]

If there are any lingering concerns or points to address, please feel free to reach out after the meeting

Thank you for a productive meeting. We will conclude here; have a great day, everyone.







Other phrases for meetings/discussions

  • Let’s touch base on this issue.
  • Let’s sync up weekly at 11 am.I will send the recurring meeting invite in some time.
  • Let’s connect to discuss it further. Could you please clarify your point?
  • I’d like to add my two cents on this matter.
  • We’re on the same page.
  • I’ll take the lead on this project.
  • Let’s brainstorm some ideas.
  • We need to think outside the box.
  • I’m swamped with work right now.
  • This project is a real game-changer.
  • My previous meeting is overrunning. I will join as soon as this meeting is over.

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