Using Juggernaut and Bandwagon


I was literally surprised when I came to know the origin of the word Juggernaut which is used to refer to a something that is very powerful – it could be simple massive force or movement or can also refer to company, industry which is so powerful that it cannot be stopped.

Origin of the word

Before we talk about its usage more, let’s go back to its origin and I am sure ,if you are from India you would be surprised and glad to know that the word has originated from the word “Jagannath” who is a hindu deity ,a manifestation of the god Vishnu. In Hindu mythology, Lord Jagannath is revered in Puri, a city in Odisha, India. Believed to possess boundless power, he is capable of removing obstacles from the lives of his followers. Annually, during the Rath Yatra(chariot) festival, a grand procession takes place where a chariot carrying Lord Jagannath’s idol is pulled through Puri’s streets by thousands of devotees.

During the colonial era, European observers were deeply impressed by the procession’s magnitude, the fervent devotion of the participants, and the faith in the deity’s might. The term “juggernaut” was subsequently coined to metaphorically describe any immense, unstoppable force or institution that ruthlessly overwhelms everything in its path. Through time, “juggernaut” has become a widely used expression in English literature and popular culture, portraying an irresistible, dominating power or an overwhelming and uncontrollable phenomenon characterized by its immense and destructive impact.

I hope after knowing about the origin, you will find it easy to remember and use it in the future discussion. Let’s see some example usage of the word “Juggernaut”.

Sentence Usage

The Australian cricket team of the 90’s was unstoppable juggernaut, consistently dominating their opponents and securing victory after victory.

The popular fantasy book series has become a publishing juggernaut, with millions of copies sold worldwide and a dedicated fan base.

The politician’s campaign was a juggernaut, with a massive grassroots movement and widespread support, leading to a landslide victory in the election.

The streaming service has emerged as a juggernaut in the entertainment industry, dominating the market and attracting millions of subscribers with its original content.


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